Dr. Mario BS Ban

Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
First Broadcast(s) Mar. 30, 1997
Mar. 30, 1997 Seiseki Magazine
Hours 13:00-16:00; 16:30-18:00; 21:00-23:00; 24:00-26:00
Police Station, Girls School
Rerun(s) Jun. 1, 1997 - Jun. 28, 1997
Aug. 31, 1997 - Sep. 27, 1997
Nov. 2, 1997 - Nov. 29, 1997
Jan. 4, 1998 - Jan 24, 1998
Nov. 15, 1998 - Nov. 28, 1998
Apr. 25, 1999 - May 30, 1999
Jan. 3, 2000 - Jan. 30, 2000
Feb. 28, 2000 - Apr. 2, 2000
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack

Dr. Mario BS Ban (「Dr.マリオBS版」) is a Downloadable game for the Satellaview that was broadcast in at least 9 runs between March 30, 1997 and April 2, 2000. Early game broadcasts were accompanied by the Dr. Mario BS Ban: Seiseki Magazine (「Dr.マリオBS版 成績マガジン」), however these ceased after April 26, 1997.

This game is actually a modified version of SNES game Tetris & Dr. Mario[1], with the following differences:

  • The game automatically boots into Dr. Mario menu.
  • Copyright information added at the bottom of Dr. Mario menu.
  • The ability to exit to the game select menu by pressing B on Dr. Mario menu is removed.

The game still contains the full Tetris & Dr. Mario game. It can be accessed via the Pro Action Replay code 80802D01.


Gameplay is identical to NES/Game Boy Dr. Mario. The player must control falling pills to clear all viruses from the playfield. The pills and viruses can be cleared by matching 3 colors in a row either horizontally or vertically.


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