Kodomo Chousadan Mighty Pockets

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
First Broadcast(s) Sep. 7, 1997 Investigation 1
Sep. 14, 1997 Investigation 2
Mar. 22, 1998 Investigation 3
Hours 18:00-20:00
Mighty Wagon, Bagupotamia Temple
Rerun(s) Nov. 9, 1997 - Nov. 22, 1997
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack

Kodomo Chousadan Mighty Pockets (「子供調査団マイティポケッツ」) (also known as 「子供調査団 MightyPockets」) is a Downloadable 3-part Soundlink game for the Satellaview that was broadcast in at least 2 runs between September 7, 1997 and March 28, 1998.


Kodomo Chousadan Mighty Pockets is a board game with a detective motif similar to the game of Clue. The rules of the game, however, are considerably different. Throughout the game, SoundLink narration is used including rapping over Michael Jackson sound samples and remixes of 1950′s American Television.[1]


  • Investigation 1 (Sep. 7, 1997 - Sep. 13, 1997) - Junk ya Black no ie (「ジャンク屋ブラックの家」)
  • Investigation 2 (Sep. 14, 1997 - Sep. 20, 1997) - Hanzaitoshi Big Apple (「犯罪都市ビッグアッポー」)
  • Investigation 3 (Mar. 22, 1998 - Mar. 28, 1998) - Kyakusen Queen Patora no Nazo (「客船クイーンパトラの謎」)


  1. KiddoCabbusses. Yo, Diggity! Micky Pockets n da hawze, dawg!…. Satellablog. 14 November 2009.

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