Sutte Hakkun

Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Distributor(s) St.GIGA
Series Sutte Hakkun
First Broadcast(s) Nov. 2, 1997
Hours 15:00-16:00; 17:00-17:30; 19:00-21:00; 22:00-23:30; 25:00-26:00
Police Station, Girls School
Required hardware 8M Memory Pack

Sutte Hakkun (「すってはっくん」) is a Downloadable platform/puzzle game that was broadcast in Japan from November 2, 1997 to May 28, 2000. Several versions of the game were officially released including Sutte Hakkun Event Version (「すってはっくん イベントバージョン」) and Sutte Hakkun '98 Event Version (「すってはっくん 98イベントバージョン」). In addition, a sequel entitled Sutte Hakkun BS Version 2 was released in 6 runs between November 15, 1998 and June 30, 2000.


The gameplay to the Satellaview version of Sutte Hakkun is substantially identical to that of the Nintendo Power version, however there are a number of differences present as well. In the Satellaview version, a "Story intro" text is displayed, however in the NP version this text is absent. The NP version also contains more polished graphics, including the "STAGE CLEAR" sign. The 2nd Version and Holiday BS Versions are more similar to the first BS version than the NP version despite having had later release-dates.[1]


The soundtrack for Sutte Hakkun includes the following:[2][3]

  • Story Intro


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